Hepatitis B and oral sex


I am confused by how hepatitis B is spread. I had unprotected oral sex and came into contact with semen. My gums do not bleed, and I had no mouth or lip sores. I tested negative for HIV five months after the exposure. This was a one time incident, I have had no other exposures since then. I had also received the hepatitis vaccine, the dates of the shots are as follows: 7/20/94, 9/2/94, and 7/25/95. My pediatrician never did a titer after the series. My titer, 11 years later is 5. I am not sure if I ever was immune. I have heard that the vaccine is effective in >90%, and that even if your titer was ok at the end of the series, it could decrease. Do I need to be concerned with my one time oral sex encounter in spite of all of this information. I have had no symptoms, and it is 8 months post exposure. Thank you for your time.


  1. I do not consider you at risk for hepatitis B from this exposure. This is due to exposure to contaminated blood.
  2. Your levels of protective antibody are low. Yes I would get another HBV dose to boost your levels above 10. I am sure one dose will work.
  3. You should also be checked for hepatitis A and if you are negative, I would get this vaccine as well.

Best regards, Dr. M