Hepatitis B and marriage


Dear Dr.,

I was diagnosed of hepatitis B during a blood donation some 2 years ago. I had another test 2 years ago and my status remains the same. The possible cause still remains a mystery as I had had no sexual intercourse of any sort as at the time I was diagnosed. Neither have I ever had any blood transfusion. The only suspicion I hold now is that I probably acquired it by birth with the status of my parents still unknown. I am still a healthy young guy with absolutely no sign of an ailment....probably because of my healthy lifestyle....non-drinker,non-smoker and very particular about my fat intake(always going in for those in high polyunsaturates).

My worry is that I am now 27years and thinking of settling down and starting a family. Can I really get married without putting my wife at risks and probably the children that would come out of the marriage? If yes, how can this be done. To even start with, is there any lady out there who would risk her life by accepting to marry me after telling her my status? Does that mean it should be a secret I should keep to myself?

These and many other questions are among the crazy thoughts that run through my mind daily. I feel my life perpetually ruined!

Can you please help me with some of these questions???

Many thanks in advance for your help.


I would be completely honest with your partner and tell them about your status. You would have a very large burden on your shoulders if you infected someone when there is a protective plan that can be taken!

You would simply need to have your partner vaccinated. The vaccine is terrific. Once protective antibodies are made your partner would be protected from infection and any babies would then be protected as well.