hepatitis b affects cd4 counts?


does hepatitis b or c affect the cd4 count of a hiv person?


Great question. I have wondered about this a long time. We are starting to gather information about this but it is very preliminary.

We did a study a few years ago to look at CD4 counts of HIV-NEGATIVE persons with cirrhosis (advanced liver disease) to see if liver disease itself may affect these counts. We found that 65% of these patients had a low CD4 count with a normal CD4 percentage.

Another study that was presented in preliminary form at the Infectious Diseases Society of America in 2008 - but has not been published yet - showed that CD4 counts were lower in HIV/HCV coinfected patients who had some underlying scarring of the liver compared to those who did not.

If you have HIV and HCV or HBV coinfection, you will certainly want to know if you need further evaluation for underlying liver disease. The first step in this process is to find out if the HCV or HBV virus is circulating in your bloodstream.

Hope this is helpful.