Hepatitis B


Hi Doc, Pls can you help me or explain the laboratory result of my brother.

                          Cut of Values   Patient Value

HbsAg w/ titer. 1.0 8,488 reactive ECLIA method

Anti Hbs 10.0 2.0 non react

HbeAg ECLIA. 1.0 0.132 non reac

Anti Hbe reverse. 1.0 0.002 reactive

Anti Hbc Igm. 1.0 0.080 non react

Anti Hbc IgG reverse 0.739. 0.427 reactive

Pls can I know if it is serious or not pls? Thanks


You don't provide any clinical context for why these tests were obtained. The only thing that can be said is these test results are consistent with chronic hepatitis B virus infection. Additional tests are required to determine if treatment is indicated at this time. I suggest he consult with a liver specialist.