I came to Dubai in June,2002 and as a process i went for Medical test and was diagnosed of Hepatitis B+, I was shoked as I already took the vaccination of Pfizer company in the year 2001 in Delhi.

I took Ayurvedic medicine and after that Alophathic, now I am taking Homeopathic medicine.

Pls suggest is there any treatment for this disease and what is that, I am ready to take any medicine to get out of this disease.

In case if you require my latest reports, I can email it to you.

Thank you very much for your early reply.

Kind Regards Imran Ahmad


There are many excellent medications for hepatitis B now. These include: entecavir, pegylated interferon, telbivudine, lamivudine, and adefovir.

Prior to starting medications, you should have evaluation of your serologies, which includes hepatitis B surface antigen, HBe antigen, HBe antibody, and measurement of your virus to be certain it is active with an HBV DNA test. You should also have liver function tests performed serially to determine how active these are as well. Then your physician will discuss with you as to whether you need a liver biopsy to determine how much disease activity you have.

I wish you great success with your HBV treatment.