hepa B test profile


Dr Last month i was diagnosed with chronic hepa b i was afraid with my condition this is my hepa b profile HBsAg>3.000 reactive Anti-HBs>0.323 nonreactive HBeAg>3.000 reactive Anti-HBE>3.000 nonreactive Anti-HBclgG>0.356 reactive (for anti-HBE,anti HBC lgG and anti-HAV lgG count below the cut-off value is considered "REACTIVE".my doctor did not give me a medicine and advice me not to take any medicine because he told me that my ALT is normal.{SGPT/ALT.21.5 )im very much worried it is right that i did not take medicine base on my ALT level?what i do?


He is correct that you would not dive into therapy right now.

However, you need HBV DNA testing to see if you even have chronic active infection. If your DNA is not detectable, you may just be an INACTIVE carrier, who does not need treatment....