Hep C and the use of Truvada with Hep C meds without HIV infection


Dr. Young, Can you tell me if there is a treatment regimin for HEP C using one of the HIV meds with out being HIV positive? My partner is Hep C positive and has a recent lab of QN PCR IU 426000 or 5.63 LOGIU. Can you give me an idea of our next steps for dx and tx?

DIDC ROCKS!!! Thanks for your time, B and L


Hello B and L and thanks for your post.

Maybe I'm a little confused (wouldn't be the first time). HIV medications have no activity against hepatitis C virus (HCV), so HIV medication can't be used to treat HCV.

The situation is different for hepatitis B, where several HIV medications have HBV activity (tenofovir, FTC and 3TC). In this case, if HBV were needed to be treated in a coinfected person, 2 of these medications would be preferred components of a HIV regimen.

With regards to HCV treatments, things have dramatically changed in the past year. Newest HCV protease inhibitors (boceprevir and telaprevir) make the likelihood of successful treatment far greater than in the past (especially so for HCV genotype 1), though the treatment course for HCV still last months (and includes the somewhat burdensome injectable medication, peg-intron and Ribavirin). Many experts favor the treatment of HCV in all persons who are HIV co-infected (I do), finding the best combinations of medications and the time and willingness of patients to undergo treatment are the issues that I discuss with my patients.

Feel free to contact me at TheBody or at our clinic, Rocky Mountain CARES/DIDC any time. Again, thanks for posting,