Hep-c screening test mildly positive


I went in a few weeks ago to get my annual exam done at my OB-GYN, and asked them to go ahead and do my STD test while I was there. I got a call a week later, saying the the hep-c screening test was slightly elevated (she said normal reading is .1-.9 and i read at 1.0). i have never had a blood transfusion, done iv drugs (or even associated with people who do them), don't have tattoos, and have never slept with anyone with it. I am also a HUGE germophobe, so I've always been very paranoid to touch any injuries on other people (i even use rubber gloves when tending to my daughter's cuts and scrapes). I currently have HSV-1 and I had just finished a round of antibiotics (zithromax) 5 days prior to my screening test. Could these factors contribute to a false positive? And at that low level of reactiveness how long ago would I have been infected? I'm really freaking out, as I can't think of a single way i could have been exposed to it, and I'm already a huge hypochondriac.


There are always some false positive tests - usually in people like you without risk factors.

I would request a RIBA test which is more specific. This will probably be negative.