About a month ago now I was really sick, sore thorat, aches and pains, weakness, hot flashes, night sweats,headaches and loss of appitite. My doctor sent me for tests thinking it was mono. It came back negative but my liver test was abnormal.The sick ness had gone away but I had another blood test which came back low white blood cells and the same abnormal liver test. They are now checking me for hep b and c And I am having an ultrasound on my stomache. The results come back in 1 week now but waiting has been driving me crazy. I have had unprotected sex and snorted cocain but havnt used any injection drugs? Wut are my chances of it being hep or HIV. And what else could of caused me to be sick?


Sharing cocaine straws is a risk factor for HCV transmission although I think it explains only a small minority of cases. Injection drug use is much more of a risk.

Hepatitis B is transmitted through unprotected sex. Hep C is uncommonly spread sexually.