Hep B PLEASE help: HBV from recieving oral sex


Ahh the good ol oral sex question. HBV information is a little hard to understand in regards to oral sex. I did recieve oral sex from another male for about one minute with me cumming in his mouth. Now I have been tested in the past and all neg. (yes I know I will get the shots for hep A & B) Whats my risk here from this? Whats the risk from HBV from just kissing the gential area without touching the mucusmembrane of the penis?, Would a two month test be accurate? I did have someone kiss an area where there was a scabbed over pimple on my scrotum is that a risk for HBV? Any help in this matter would give me some direction here.


Although there are certainly data that HBV exists in saliva and semen, there is no good data to suggest that HBV is transmitted through oral sex. Transmission among MSM is thought mainly to occur through traumatic breaks in mucous membranes during anal intercourse (eg, blood to blood exposure).

I would not suggest testing for acute HBV infection. I would however get baseline serologies, and if not previously infected - or not previously immunized - definitely get vaccinated! This vaccine is extremely efficacious with minimal side effects. You certainly want to protect yourself from getting HBV, which can lead to chronic hepatitis or uncommonly - acute liver failure.