HEP B - Lab Test results


Greetings, I am working in US Military Base in Afghanistan. Before recruiting I have done medicals and Hepatitis (A,B,C) were negative. I have taken HEP vaccines (A and B) doses I before going on site and second and third dose in site. After 1 year I needed to repeat medicals and now results with HEP B positive. I have done blood analyses and I got these results: HBsAg = Positive (value 24.11), Anti HBsAg = Negative, HCV = Negative, Anti HCV = Negative, HAV = Negative, HIV = Negative. My questions: am I infected with HEP B positive, Am I considered a carrier? Am I a danger to others?


The result HBsAg = Positive indicates you do have hepatitis B virus infection. I would ask your doctors to check your ALT (blood test that tells us about liver injury) and hepatitis B DNA (blood test that provides information about the level of hepatitis B virus), as well as hepatitis B eAg and eAb. Based on these results it will be helpful to discuss treatment (pills).

The term 'carrier' is an old term. With the HBsAg = Positive there is an infection in the liver which can change over time. Hepatitis B cannot be passed to others who are immune (were successfully vaccinated or had hepatitis B and cleared it over time). People who are not protected against hepatitis B in one of these 2 ways, can catch it.

Thank you for your service.