Help Reunite Mothers in Jail Because They Are Poor With Their Kids for Mother's Day


The number of incarcerated women in the U.S. has grown 700% since 1980, with Black women twice as likely as white women to be locked up, and with trans women particularly vulnerable both to arrest and to sexual assault while in jail. 8 in 10 incarcerated women are mothers, and nearly half are stuck in local jails for crimes they have not been convicted of, simply because they cannot afford bail. Mama's Bail Out Day seeks to raise enough money in small donations to bail out mothers who otherwise can't afford to pay bail to reunite them with their kids and their communities for Mother's Day, and bring attention to the inhumanity of the money bail system.

Get the Facts

Learn more about Mama's Bail Out Day here, including where you can find actions on the ground.

Take Action!

Donate as much or as little as you can afford to help send mothers home in time for Mother's Day here. If you live in one of the cities where bail out actions are happening, please participate and show your support!