Help Me Please...No Doctors have had any luck.


Dr Frascino, I have been HIV pos for almost 16 years. Very healthy. About 4 years ago I started feeling a pressure in my forehead that came and went. Now it is there daily. It is accompanied by difficulty concentrating, dizziness, shortness of breath, a feeling of chest pressure (mild) 12 lead ok. Also had a lower gi bleed, Mild, Great labs ALWAYS! Seen a neurologist, Heent, YOU name it. All the tests Sleep apnea, EEG, Labs, Cx Xray, 12 lead ekg, and so on. My doc cant figure this out, and sent me on and on. Also a dermatologist, for a 3 year rash (groin) Ears peel every day, and it is weird my dizziness, brain fog, all seen triggered the same time as the rash, heartburn, and Extreme fatigue. I'm desperate to find an answer. Ps. I was bit by a tick when I was 14 in Arkansas. Got sick after, but no treatment. Could this be important?



Unfortunately I cannot diagnose medical conditions over the Internet! However, if multiple physicians cannot find an organic physiological cause for your symptoms, I suggest you consider a psychological cause. Certainly symptoms, such as forehead pressure, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pressure, brain fog, fatigue, etc., can all be caused by anxiety.

The tick is a red herring. Well, actually it's a small bloodsucking parasitic arachnid and not a colorful little fish, but you know what I mean, right?

Dr. Bob