Help Please, Can I Woo Hoo fr Indonesia or "Late seroconverter"?


Dear Dr. Bob, I read an enquiry regarding to the "late seroconverter" issue. It's mentioned that one of them are individuals on or likely to be on "systemic steroids" for more than a month at a dose equivalent to "prednisolone" at 20 mgs or more per day (any age). This statement make me very worry about late seroconverter issue, because at the days when I have had series of risky activities (unprotected insertive anal sex), I was joint a gym club and consuming food supplement powder (musclebuilding protein formula)for about 2 (two) months. It was Whey Protein, contain about 33 components (i.e.,saturated fat,carb,dietary fiber,sugar,protein,vitamin E,vitamin B6,Folic acid,calcium,phosphorus,magnesium,sodium,potassium,synthepro,creatine monohydrate,glutamine peptides,L-glutamine,calcium alpha-ketoglutarate,L-leucine,L-Methionine,L-phenylalanine,Lactoferrin,insulogen,gura gum,D-myo-inositol,clucomannan,taurine,alpha lipoic acid,D-pinitol,Nitroxen,Ginseng,N-acetyl-cysteine).

Is this food supplement (whey protein) I have had consumed can be categorized as "systemic steroids"? I do not found "prednisolone" in this supplement facts. Can consuming this products for about 2 (two) months when the risky activities happened lead me to be a "Late seroconverter"? I have tested "non reactive" using 4 methods, i.e.,HIV DUO,2 (two) Rapid tests,and ELISA at week 15 and week 22. Concerning the above mentioned reasons, should I go for further test? If so, when will be the apropriate time to get tested to clear my mind from HIV infection and Late seroconverter issue? or Can I Woo Hoo?

Indonesian Boy



I'll be brief.

  1. Whey protein, even with 33 components, is not a "systemic steroid" and will not affect HIV test results.

  2. Testing HIV negative out to 22 weeks is conclusive and definitive. You are HIV negative.

  3. Should you have more tests? No.

  4. Are you a late seroconverter? No.

  5. Can you WOO-HOO? Yes. Absofrickinlutely!

Dr. Bob