help again and again Palin is dubya in a dress


I will stop. Neg at 6 and 12 weeks. HSV+. From 25 weeks ish. swollen nodes, neck ache, knee and elbow pain, wart on foot (never had one before) Back of head constantly aches. Tired most of teh time. Pins and needles. Oraqwick salava in king county seattle -ve at 30 weeks. Wahoo or futher tests? I promise another donatin and then to seek counciling if you answer.



Your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to 30 weeks are definitive, conclusive and absofrickinlutely WOO-HOOable. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. (No McCain. No Palin!) No further HIV tests are warranted.

I can't diagnose your symptoms over the Internet, but what I can do with complete confidence is advise you they are not caused by HIV!

Counseling may well help you confront and conquer your unwarranted HIV fears.

Good luck. Be well. (You are indeed well!)

Dr. Bob