Help needlestick!


Hello Dr. I read on your profile that you, yourself got HIV from an occupational exposure, and for that I am sorry this happened to you. I have had an injury with a hollowbore needle, It cut my finger, like a paper cut but did not draw blood. The needle didn't look like it had any blood on it,even in the bore. but I am concerned about it. To be a risk, do you think the needle would have had to draw blood? I have no idea of the status of the person who the needle may have been used on, What do you think? I am stressed out waiting to have a test. Thanks Dr Bob.x



I'm assuming this was an occupational exposure. If so, you should file an incident report and follow the guidelines for occupational exposures at your institution, hospital or agency. Your HIV-acquisition risk is remote at best. PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) would not be warranted. However, you should have immediate and follow-up HIV-antibody tests per the guidelines.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob