Help late seroconversion


Help Dr. Bob Sexo with girl of program without condoms, and tests of 4. Generation after 18 and 24 negative months, but I have symptoms candidiase in the penis the 60 days and problems in the intestine, I am worried about delayed soroconverso. Help? I go to donate $ 50,00 Brazilian


Hello Brazilian Guy,

Your negative fourth generation HIV-antibody and p24 antigen tests at 18 and 24 months are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. There is absolutely no chance your "sexo" has led to a delayed seroconversion. None whatsoever!

Please note that the vast majority of penile fungal rashes and intestinal problems are completely unrelated to HIV, as is the case with yours! You are HIV negative. Follow up with your general medical doctor if you are having persistent symptoms. One thing remains certain: The cause of those symptoms is definitely not HIV, OK?

Thank you for your donation.

Be well. Stay well. Yell WOO-HOO and dance a wild samba!

Dr. Bob