Help Im 16 and worryed about Hep c from a razor


I was takeing a shower and then all of a sudden I accidently flip over a bucket used by my mom and dad that had razor fell over and I was trying to catch it and it cut me about 3 times on my leg 2 of the cuts where pretty small and the 3rd one left a scab. I know my parrents dont have hiv or anything of the sort but what im worryed about is Hep c. Becasue the other day we just found out that a friend of my moms that comes over alot just found out that she has hep c. My mom was worryed about if they could of had got it. But now that im worryed that my moms friend could of given my mom hep c becasue they haven been freinds for SO LONG and she JUST NOW found out that she has it and my mom is going to get tested soon. So if my mom did get hep c from her friend that has eaten from our glass plates and stuff could I get infected by this cut i have goten from my parents razor if they are infected from my moms friend?

plz help im so scared


It is important to remember that hepatitis C is not spread by casual contact like kissing, sharing drinking glasses etc. It can be spread by using the razor of someone who has hepatitis C, but I have no suspicion that your mother has hepatitis C just because her friend does.

Dr. McGovern