Help me - condom didn't cover penis


i sent 2 email already but still missing the answer , pls help me , i very panic and worried about something i just know and iam very sorry about my english but pls help I have sex with sex worker, i used condom and my penis is uncircumcised and my inner foreskin is long, but my penis not erect good so it hard to put condom on it , i pull the inner foreskin back but not all of them is covered by the condom, only the head/glans is covered by condom , i press my penis in her and i feel it warm than normal , i move in and out ,when i move out i felt condom rode up , during that i check condom to make sure it still on and pull the rim/ring of condom down two or three times because my penis still not hard enough, but i pretty sure my inner foreskin is not covered all when i in her maybe in 10 seconds. do i have any risk ? i read that my inner foreskin is the way hiv infect , but i didn't use condom correct (it must covered to my base penis ). OMG iam very tired . pls help me thank you


I'm sorry such a potentially pleasurable sexual encounter resulted in so much stress and fatigue.

Based on the events you are describing I can't see any way that there could have been an HIV transmission. Despite all the details you offered, it sounds like the only theoretical risk is the fact you were inside her without a condom for 10 seconds. That is a very brief amount of time, I've never heard of anyone acquiring HIV from 10 seconds of insertion.

I think people sometimes forget that HIV is a pretty difficult virus to acquire. It is usually transmitted through active and vigorous sexual activity, or IV drug use. It is not transmitted causally by simply dipping your penis inside someone's vagina, anus, or mouth, for a few seconds. Furthermore, as the insertive partner (or 'top') your risks of acquiring HIV, even with active penetration, are significantly lowered to less than .5% (

When you worry about this you're also taking into consideration the possibility that she is HIV positive and not taking treatment medications. Those are a lot of assumptions at work. In my experience, sex workers are MORE likely than the general population to be active about getting tested on a regular basis, and if necessary, adhering to HIV treatment medications. If someone who is living with HIV is on treatment medications consistently, then their risk of transmitting HIV is zero ( So you are actually at less risk penetrating a sex worker who knows that they are HIV positive and on medications than someone who says they are HIV negative.

None of that is immediately relevant in the scenario you are describing. Even if she was living with HIV, and detectable, your risk is nearly zero. These words are unlikely to be of much comfort to you, however. The only way you are going to know for sure, and experience any peace, is to get tested and see for yourself that you are results are HIV negative.

If you are like me and more than 465,000 people out there who prefer to have sex without latex barriers, yet still want to be protected from HIV, then you may want to consider using PrEP as your prevention strategy. To find out if PrEP is available in your area, check out the global locator here: Or, to find out how to import PrEP to your area of the world, check out the verified PrEP pharmacies here:

I hope this information allows you to get some rest, and feel confident in your sexual health decisions. Enjoy!