Help, my brother in law has AIDS/lymphoma test


Dr.Dezube I hope you can help.My brother in law was diagnosed with HIV about 14 years ago.He been through all the medicines and has exhausted all of them.He's been off of all of them for about 6 months now. His t-cell counts and viral loads are real bad. Now he is experiencing night sweats,weight loss and stomach cramps.The doctor gave him tranquilizers and he said if these systems don`t go away that he needs a stomach lymphoma test.Well they went away but I still believe he needs to be sure its nothing else.Do you think he still should take the test?The doctor told him it is probably just anxiety.I'm really worried about him.Please help!


Lymphoma is usually NOT subtle. If his night sweats, weight loss, and stomach cramps are related to lymphoma, then I imagine that over the next few weeks, his symptoms will return. If his symptoms do indeed return, then I would recommend that he have the "stomach lymphoma test". Although I'm not sure which test his doctor is referring to, most likely he is referring to endoscopy; this is a procedure by which a health care provider passes a scope into the stomach and takes a look at what's there. Typically the health care provider will biopsy any abnormality. So let's see how you brother-in-law does over the next week or so, and go from there. If you write back, it would be useful to know some of the specifics -- exactly how much weight did he lose and did he gain the weight completely back, what exactly are his CD4 cell counts and viral load, and so on.

If he should have lymphoma, then you should be aware, that this type of lymphoma is typically very treatable.