Im figuring out how to donate at your noble cause and I will donate because your intentions are noble.

Please help me doctor

Am I at risk of HIV infection? Im a bisexual guy My skin in my groin and scrotum had itchy fungal infection.

The groin is itchy when I was still young, and there is already lichenification.(maybe because I keep on scratching it when I was young)

Now it appears shiny and no inflammation, I could not see blood or cuts, no inflammation. but I usually scratch it. when I touch it its perfectly smooth but its itchy.

Im afraid I did frottage in the groin area with my partner and Im afraid his precum might get into my itchy groin.

because we had frottage(he rubs his dick on my groin where theres fungal infection and itchy) but the area is no red, Its just itchy and when I put some alcohol on it, it stings and painful.

Im so afraid.

I never had ANAL, ORAL or VAGINAL SEX OR KISSING, I had may HIV test last year I was negative, Im afraid now.

I keep on checking my groin area but I could not see any bleeding or cut, Im just afraid of the area that the precum/semen might penetrate on it. maybe microscopic

I cant sleep, I NEED YOUR HELP.

Thank you in advance God Bless


Hello and thanks for posting.

Based on the exposure that you describe, there's no risk of HIV infection. No risk.

So, get on and live life. If you still have concerns about your health, the only way to know if you're positive is to get tested. Most HIV care organizations (like our) offer free, confidential and non-judgmental testing.

No donation needed at all, but if you really feel compelled, you can check out
Rocky Mountain CARES' donation website.

Be well. BY