Hello Again sir from pakistan


Hello sir its me mohammad from pakistan ur biggest Fan you also helped my sister who is suffering from breast cancer sir i have a question again from you as i heard a very medically educated man saying that 'UPWARD TREND IN ELISA IS VERY DANGEROUS' sir i have a test 13 months after my last exposure and the cutf off value was 0.42 but in first tests it was 0.32 and 0.35 so now i am worried again all the anxiety is coming back to me now i think the value increased becuase i am BECOMING positive i would offer my humble donation to your foundation again and thank you so much for helping my sister as well you rea a great man and an inspiration for me best regards mohammad. sorry for the english sir


Hello Mohammad,

The gentleman you quote may well be "very medically educated," but whatever situation he was referring to when he said "UPWARD TREND IN ELISA IS VERY DANGEROUS" does not apply at all to your situation or to folks taking routine HIV ELISA tests outside the window period. Cutoff values refer only to how the ELISA assays are performed. They are based on an internal control that allows us to distinguish "positive" from "negative." I would much prefer it if laboratories only reported out positive or negative, rather than the assay details, as these values only lead to confusion and often anxiety for folks who don't understand how enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) are performed. Your "negative" test at 13 months once again corroborates your definitive HIV-negative status. You are not becoming positive. Your values merely reflect normal assay-to-assay variability within the negative range. The numbers could have just as easily gone the other way, in which case you would not be getting "more negative" so to speak. The bottom line about cutoff values is that negative is negative. Once again, Mohammad, you are unquestionably and conclusively HIV negative.

I do hope your sister is tolerating her treatment well. Please send her my best regards. Mohammad, I also send you my warmest personal regards. Please remember HIV is not your problem!

Be well. Stay well. (You are indeed well!)

Dr. Bob