I am on Efivarenz, Retinovir and Lamuvidine (since the 3rd December 2010) I have been getting this terrible headaches that lead to vomiting if no pain killers are taken, but now the headache is not responding to mild (paracetamol) medication and therefore am taking stronger (panamor, suppository). How long can I continue taking panamor (it has been a week now, once a day). How long should the headaches last.


If your headache is due to the efavirenz then for most patients it usually diminishes after 2-4 weeks-if not then you should be seen by your HIV doc. If your regimen is efavirenz + ritonavir + lamivudine I would be concerned about use of ritonavir in that regimen. In the US I am not familiar with the drug panamor so cannot comment on us of that drug. KH