Nelson, Thanks for all of your answers. I could not tell from your recent postings whether you thing HCG or Androgel is the best thing to get one's testosterone up. Mine had been 202 and I was really tired and lethargic. Now since it is up to 823 with Androgel every other day I feel good, but worry about long term effects. Would I be better off with frequent HCG injections??? Thanks again.


No one has looked at a comparison between using human chorinic gonadotropin (HCG) to jump start your own testosterone production versus using Androgel or Testim (testosterone gels that you apply on the skin), so it is very difficult to tell. Most doctors are familiar with Androgel or Testim but not with HCG. I think it will be a lot easier for you to get a prescription for Androgel or Testim than HCG because its use for hypogonadism is not part of standard of care.

At your testosterone levels, you may want to start with Testim (5 grams a day) since it seems to have better absorption. Talk to your doctor about it. Testosterone replacement can really improve your quality of life!