I am HIV Pos with a CD4 count of mid 300's last checked and a viral load near undetectable (189 last checked). This is an improvement in just the last year from a CD4 of 124 and a VL of over 1million and the worst fatigue and pain I can ever remember. I am taking Atripla daily (of course).

My question is the 500 Calorie HCG Diet an ok diet to go on. I have put on a lot of weight much to my disappointment since getting better and would like to shed some of the "fat" associated with it. I have had friends go on this diet both the injectable and the drops and have had a lot of luck, but none of them are positive and/or taking extra medication.

Can't find answers anywhere else I look, so I thought I would check here.

Thanks a lot.


We do not have any data on that diet. To be honest, any caloric restriction that severe only ensures that you will rebound back to your starting weight if you endure the hunger that low calorie diets produce.

I think the best way to go is to increase soluble fiber intake while limiting or eliminating simple sugars and animal fats. Diets like the South Beach Diet are healthier and do not starve you, so that you can actually learn how to eat better and adhere to a healthy balanced diet that provides macro and micronutrients needed for best immune function.

When you lower your caloric intake that much, your body actually learns how to burn fewer calories and your metabolism slows down. Rebound is common.

Extremes are not good. Balance is key when it comes to food, exercise, and everything in life.

Eat fruits and vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, yogurt, hummus, lean meats, and walk for 30 minutes a day in a brisk manner. Also, keep an eye on your triglycerides and LDL cholesterol since they feed fat cells.

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