HBV SurfaceAg and vaccine


Hi Barbara!

Brief question; i'm missing the third dose of the hep B vaccine and I just found out the girl i was dating is an escort and some friends told me she does drugs... Either way we never had unprotected sex, but there was some foreplay and some fluids during those activities once. I developed flu like symptoms and diarrhea and I've been having lots of gases. My doc says HIV is non existent since I tested neg after 2 months, but I might be concerned for hep B since I hadn't had the full vaccine.

My question is: If i just received the second shot of the hepA+B vaccine 7 months ago, will my SurfaceAg. be positive or it has nothing to do??? My doc says it's useless since it's gonna come back positve for the vaccine, but my cousin says there's no way since the vaccine has only a small part of the virus and he's an immunologist. Soooo????? My cousing wants to screen me for the Surf. Ag and the Core and says i'll be ok since 2 shots of the vaccine gives 90% of immunity in most cases. I had mono some months ago, so I guess i'm not in the normal range :( Advice pleaseeee???????? thanks a lot :) nice weekend


I agree that two doses of the vaccine are pretty darn good.

All you have to do is to check your HBsAg, your core antibody and your surface antibody. I doubt you will have evidence of HBV infection. If your surface antibody is nonreactive, I would get another dose of vaccine and then get retesting after two weeks have passed to be certain you have seroconverted (despite a lag in your vaccine schedule).