HBV DNA Negative HbsAg positive


Dear Dr,

I was detected positive for Hepatits B in 2001.I do not know when I got infected. My age is 23 now.

My recent tests said HbsAg +ve HbeAg -ve HbeAb +ve Negative for Hep C ALT - 24 AST - 27 HBV DNA PCR -negative

My Question

1)Will I ever show negative for HbsAg?

2)What are the chances that the virus will become active again i.e HbeAg positive and DNA positive?

3)Is it possible for the virus to be passive for a lifetime once suppressed naturally without treatment?

please suggest me if i need any treatment for my positive HbsAg. And so i able to go easily abroad. I hope U understand my concern and will reply back

Thanks a lot in advance.


You are an inactive chronic carrier. This is very good news. There is still a small chance that you will clear the infection on your own as well. The risks of "reactivating" your infection will depend on other factors. For example, if your immune system should become suppressed (ie getting chemotherapy or steroids) your hepatitis B could become active. This is why you still need monitoring by your physician.

Your infection does not need treatment.

Dr. McGovern