My medical record shows that am positive with HBSAG. My doctor advised me to have a second opinion through the test of SGPT and ANTI-HBE. The result of my SGPT was normal and my ANTI-HBE is 0.005 which is reactive. She told me that in my case im in resolution phase meaning to say im in the healing process but she didnt tell me what to do.

What is the meaning of the result of my ANTI-HBE? What is the best thing for me to do to cure nor be cleared with HBSAG every time I will undergo for medical?

Thank you very much.

More Power and God Bless....


Your doctor appears to be saying that your infection is going through a resolution phase and perhaps she knows that your E antigen was positive and is now negative and that your E antibody was negative and now is positive. I would clarify those issues with your physician and would also ask whether a HBV DNA test was done to be certain that you have no detectable virus. If so, you are an inactive carrier. This would be good news and you would need follow up every six months to determine if this is still the case.