HB Profile result


Dear sir,

Can you asses if I am getting better or getting worse.

My Hepatitis Profile:

first profile date: 05/01/07

Test Pt.cnt Cutoff HBsAg 5.679 1.0 reactive

AntiHBs 1.81 10.0 Non Reactive

HBeAg .120 1.0 reactive

Anti HBC IgM .047 1.0 non reactive

antiHBC IgG .115 1.0 reactive

Second Profile date 04/04/08

Test Pt.cnt Cutoff HbsAg 3.299 1.0 reactive

AntiHBS 1.72 10.0 non-reactive

HBEAg .092 1.0 non reactive

anti hbe .013 1.0 reactive

Anti HBC IgG .010 1.0 reactive

Anti HBC IgM .053 1.0 non reactive

I'm on zeffix medication until now.

Am I getting better or getting worse? I hope for your reply soon.

Truly yours,


You don't indicate what your HBV viral load levels have done while on lamivudine. It does appear that although your surface antigen test is still reactive, the e-antigen test has gone negative which is a good sign.