Haven't found a case like mine


I'm worried, sad and angry with this situation that wasnt caused at all by me, but for the stupidness of a friend of an ex friend. To not make it much larger, the day we met after some silly games, we decided to have mutual oral sex, and not penetrative vaginal sex due to not having a condom and mainly because i didn't want it either because of the risks of her unknown status. The thing is that after repeated oral sex, this brainless( i can not name it in another way, in the next lines you'll see why) threw herself into my arms and before I could notice she introduced her vagina on my penis, i wasnt aware of that, didnt feel nothing till I felt two slowly bumps and the top sides of my penis humid( i think this may have lasted for about 15 seconds as much till I realized what she was doing),I immediately threw her away and told her that without condom no, and as i was doing it, i ejaculated, this happening outside of her, i think due to the fear I felt, or i dont know what else since it wasnt a pleasure sensation. Then I stopped everything, put my pants on got angry, went to pee and washed my penis just over the top focusing on the urethra as I was scared and didnt pull the whole skin off my penis to rinse it (I am not circumcised).

I asked her about if she had any std and as everybody said no, also asked her when was the last time she had sex and she told me that on March 20th I asked her if it was with condom or not and she said that yes with condom answering in a offended way....I really couldn't believe her since by she trying to have unprotected vaginal sex with me obviously its not the first time she has done something like this. So lets assume she was on her window period. I asked her if she has been tested and told me that 2 years ago because she worked taking care of kids with aids...lie! my ex friend told me in front of her, kidding that she was a sex worker being that the reason for why she was tested.... This shit happened on May 14th, now read how every time i asked her something regarding her status she was more and more stupid: the next day i tried to investigate about her past working with kids and she offended again told me that she was tested before working with them... not after! (according to my ex friend that should be a lie for making herself look like a good person) and that anyways the use of condom is not 100% secure...stupid stupid stupid! I told her that it greatly reduces the risk, and she answered me that she feels fine and because she practices metafisic then nothing will happen to her....again an idiot answer. I tried to convince her to get tested and guess what, at first accepted and the days passed and did nothing, she ultimately refused. What can we conclude? that she doesn't want to because of fear of her behavior.

Well these are my symptoms: Day One.- an irritating little rash(tiny red dots) that lasted a few minutes on the left hand. Day two.- I woke up with my left foot big toe numb, (that lasted almost for about a month)I felt like a harm sensation in the penis maybe due to i was so focused there even though there were no visible sores or pain at touch that i could be aware of. The next close days the same rash that lasted for minutes in the left hand appeared. One and a half weeklater the rash appeared in the left hand again and one day in both hands, the right hand got and stayed reddish near the last 2 fingers (the sky looked dry in that area) this problem lasted till June 2nd.

On May 24 th,10 days after the exposure i had a wet dream and while awakening because of it i felt pain in the top of the penis. On June 3rd i went to see an urologist and told him everything that happened with that girl and what have i felt so far(on previous days i woke up in the middle of the night to go to pee and had chills assuming it was because of the cold weather at dawn before sunrise mixed by being nervous) The Dr. said my risk was almost zero, because according to his studies and experience, to get hiv there needs to be a deep vaginal intercourse. and that the pain in my penis was mainly because of me checking it continuously looking for a sore or something related to another std. and that my problem in the hands was due to neurodermatitis because of the stress and anxiety I was suffering. i rested for a little and was confident that nothing bad would happen. Around June 20 a small red dot like a mosquito bite appeared in my left forearm near the wrist (but it didnt itch) which after 2 days turned into a light brown skin stain of about 2cm in size that lasted for about a month and a half. Around that time I began to feel an ache in my left foot sole something I didnt take care of because I had that same pain on December but in my right foot which disappeared lately. The point is that it has not gone away, sometimes it hurts more, sometimes a lot and sometimes less. On July 27 till August 9 I began to feel an irritation at the end of the foreskin of my penis which turned reddish as more as I examined it, that sensation only in the skin and not in the penis, nor pain at peeing etc. The sensation was more like feeling stings that lasted for fractions of a second at random times during the day, I thought that I could be like that my urine was becoming like more acid and therefore irritating, but on August 10th before sleeping I felt a tiny irritation near the urethra, I observed it and touched it with my clean nail and felt a little little pain. I didnt worry too much but the next day I woke up because it pained more so I checked it again and it was more irritated and reddish all the area around the uretra, the next day the pain calmed down, but noticed a little rare the skin on the shaft, next day everything was back to normal but my penis felt tight. On that same week from Monday to Wednesday my stools became soft and yellow like neon colored, and on Thursday and Friday became green, obviously worrying me,(I did not have diarrhea) that day was August 14th exactly 3 months after exposure so I decided to go to see another doctor to check if my penis was ok, and he found not problem on it. i told him all of the symptoms I had and his answer was practically the same as the other doctor: that I had nothing to worry about, because to get the virus, its needed a far more deep vaginal intercourse, that the irritation that I had on my penis was because of the soap I was using and that the stools became in that color because of a change in my diet. I was a little more confident and was going to get tested that same day, but due to time complications I decided to realize it on Monday. My penis problems disappeared. Saturday, another wet dream and pain on the top of my penis again as i woke up, told the Dr.and said i had nothing to worry about, i concluded maybe it happened because of my penis got sensitive because of the Dr checking. Unfortunately something scary happened on Sunday morning, I went to the bathroom and my poop became like diarrhea. Although it was a single episode, I got scared, I tried to not over react, But now on that Monday I began with 3 night sweats: one on Monday, One on Wednesday and One on Friday, the first two, wet my pillow a lot even though the air condition was on at the lowest grade 17C. I didnt have fever but began to feel the left lymph node on my neck (the one that is between the end of the jaw and the ear) a bit swollen. Now last week i began to feel it more swollen, it feels bigger and now its easy touchable, on Monday Dusk I woke up several times because my left foot fingers ached a lot and are still hurting, I began to have a mild sore throat in the left side that goes up to the left ear that still persists and now hurts a little at swallowing, on Tuesday while looking for a diagram of the lymph nodes figuring where they are, I didnt knew there were between the bicep and the forearm (right on the opposite side of the elbow) I extended my arms and shit, the one in my left arm is swollen(easy to see at sight). And to became worse, on Thursday I began to feel random aches across the body like bruises pain in my legs, knees, in the right, left, sides and center of my stomach, in the middle back, but and in my arms, sometimes in my hands in my fingers. As Im writing this Im having them.

If you notice, what could have been the real or severe symptoms are appearing 3 months exactly after exposure. I never had these symptoms or problems before. Im angry for not knowing about PEP earlier, I have never exposed myself to having unprotected penetrative sex.

I need your opinion about this symptoms if these are related at this time or what ce happening, I know I should go get tested and I was going to, I was just waiting for the 3 month mark to make sure everything was going to be ok, but know Im having these symptoms and if i was scared,Im now scared like never before.

Hope you can answer me,thanks for your attention



Let me get this straight. After repeated oral sex your ex-gal-pal threw herself into your arms and "before you could notice she introduced her vagina on your penis but you weren't aware of it and didn't feel nothing" until your penis felt "humid" at which point you immediately "threw her away" and as you did you ejaculated. Hmm . . . generally speaking when a tallywhacker plunges into the Bermuda Triangle of Love, the owner of the tallywhacker is well aware of what's happening.

Since the event you've had symptoms evaluated by several physicians who have advised you that you have nothing to be concerned about and that your symptoms were due to "stress and anxiety." From your detailed description ("neon colored" poop!?!) I have no doubt that you are being hypervigilant about your symptoms and that you are indeed anxious. Your overall HIV-acquisition risk is extremely low. My advice is to man-up and get tested and stop blaming your gal-pal for your brief unprotected sexperience. The odds are all in your favor that you did not contract HIV from this event.

Dr. Bob