I have felt with this "buffalo hump" for years, first noticed in 1997. I where hoodies 24/7, even in the summer heat. I've become very reclusive for years. Are there any new medz (tried egrifta) or treatments to erase this thing from my body?? I just can't function outside of my comfort zone. I've even met with several plastic surgeons, $6000 to fix but still could come back. Also sonabella, but they say the same. Frustrated as hell. Thoughts? Thx for your time, Marc


Hello and thanks for posting. There are no medications that have been proven to reduce a buffalo hump. Liposuction works, but is expensive as you have found.

I have treated a few patients with Cool Sculpting with positive results. There has been a very gradual reduction of the fat pad after multiple treatments. The cost? When one adds up the cost of Cool Sculpting it would be around $600 per session and might take 5 sessions about 2 months apart for really meaningful results. Would these results be as good as liposuction? I don't know the answer yet.

I hope that this information helps and best of luck to you!