Hanging by a thread - Mentally exhausted


Dear Doc,

Please advise me...I was in Korea for a business trip last week and I had too much to drink at the KTV lounge. Ended up receiving unprotected oral sex and having protected vaginal sex with the KTV girl. I also fingered her. What a mistake...I was too drunk and my judgement abandoned me. Now I am in tatters. What made it worse was when I pull out from her, I realised that the condom is stuck, its opening hanging out of her vagina. I could see my cum inside I thk...but given my intoxicated state I can only confirm I did enter her with a condom. I think most probably the condom slipped when I was exiting her? Since the open end was hanging out but not inside her??? I think I really messed up this time.

What are my risks for HIV and STDs here? I am mentally exhausted and I am very worried. I cannot concentrate in my life anymore.

I will make a donation to your organisation, it deserves it. Thanks.


Hello Hanging-by-a-thread,

I would agree the most likely scenario from what you described is that you slid out of the condom as you were sliding out of her, leaving the spunked condom dangling from the love canal. Assuming this indeed was the case, your HIV-acquisition risk is very low. Unprotected insertive oral sex carries only a very slight risk for HIV acquisition. Fingering is not considered a risk, assuming the skin on the fingering fingers was intact. If your tallywhacker exited the condom as you were exiting the KTV gal, that risk would be essentially nonexistent, as HIV cannot permeate intact latex, and there would not have been any non-latex-covered contact. This assumes the condom was used properly and did not fail (break).

Regarding other STDs, there are a variety that can be transmitted by unprotected oral sex (gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, etc.) as well as others that can be transmitted via skin-to-skin contact (genital warts, crabs, etc.). Your general medical doctor or local health clinic can easily screen you for STDs. For HIV you would have to wait until the three-month mark for a definitive test result.

Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). It's warmly appreciated. In return I'm sending you my best good-luck/good-health karma that you are now and will always be HIV free!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob