handshakes (afarid & confused)


Ms Breuer: I have read similar inquiries, but remain concerned when I have a non-bleeding, yet VISIBLE minor cut or nick on my hand and then shakehands fearing that the person my be HIV+. I have never seen blood on my hand, but fear that a minor cut is a direct route to my blood system. Some reassurance would be so welcome. Thank you!


As you'll see when you read this response, it's handshake week at TheBody.com. Fortunately we have good news for all of you: 20 years, uncounted billions of handshakes, no transmissions of HIV. Sex and needle sharing transmit HIV, not handshakes. Shake away in 2002. And when you have an open cut on your hands, bandage it, just to protect it from all of the other germs that like openings in skin. But don't worry about becoming infected with HIV that way. Okay? Promise?