Hairy Tongue = HIV?


I have been tested using ELISA for HIV-1 five times and HIV-2 once over a course of several years since my last sexual exposure. All tests were reported negative. Throughout this same time period I continue to have hairy tongue despite a healthy diet and good oral hygiene. Should I consider testing for the rare strains of HIV such as group O? My CBC shows normal red and white counts, my doctors are unsure what the cause of the hairy tongue is. Should I float the question about testing for the rare groups? I am from the United States and have had only three low risk exposures prior to my first and subsequent HIV tests.



Does a hairy tongue equal HIV? No, of course not. You had only three low-risk exposures and subsequently have had five HIV-1 ELISAs and one HIV-2 ELISA over the course of several years, all of which have been negative. Dude, you just can't get any more negative than that.

Should you consider testing for rare strains of HIV? No, of course not. You should stop worrying about HIV and consider getting a second opinion on your hairy tongue from an ENT (ear, nose and throat) physician specialist. Rest assured that whatever is causing your problem one thing is absolutely certain: It's not HIV! No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted.

Dr. Bob