HBsAg reactive, how to make it non-reactive


Doc, I was HBsAg reactive since 1998 and up to now. I gave birth 1999 is there a posibility that my daughter also has it. She was given vaccine only after 3 days and I breastfed for 8 months. I am still reactive based on my last lab test dis year I am interested on how to treat it and make it non reactive since Im aplying for a imigration to other countries. I am only taking GODEX capsule for my maintenance medication. Is it posible to have the injectable medication? Is it also posible that my husband has it? i hope you could help me and provide me information on the best medicine to take.


Your husband should definitely be checked for hepatitis B. If he has not become infected, I would recommend vaccination.

As for your daughter, I would suspect that she is still negative, although I think she should be checked. If negative, and if she has not been vaccinated, I would certainly immunize her since we usually do that for all household contacts.

As for your treatment, there are several medications including entecavir, adefovir, pegylated interferon alfa 2a, and lamivudine. The best choice for you may depend on which drugs are available. You will need to discuss this with your physician.