Guess what? 12 week neg. ELISA is false!! Please read.


Dear Dr Bob, I have written to you in this forum recently to discuss a sketchy situation I got myself into (breakdown: Hungarian hooker gave me handjob with her vaginal secretion used as lube; no condom). I mentioned that I was particulary concerned because, at week 7, I developed what I was certain was said I shouldn't worry and, like the girl at the local STD clinic, said I wasn't considered at risk...

So... my ELISA at week 7 was negative...week 11 I think I'm coasting and can pretty much take it easy and take the last test in about 8 days (the 3 month mark). Today, I go to a local urgent care center and the doc pretty much assures me that it IS thrush!!! So now I think that with swollen nodes in my neck that have developed over the past week and the ones around my groin, I'm pretty much certain that I have the virus.

It's especially hard for me to deal with this reality because of the fact that every...I mean EVERY professional I've talked to swears that HIV transmission through mutual masturbation is possible but unheard of.
Not anymore, I suppose. I know that people say a negative ELISA after 11 weeks pretty much promises a negative at 3 months, but because I have thrush I guess my immune system is going to take a little longer to develope antibodies. I don't know how I'll deal.

I guess the only reason I'm sending this along is to make others aware of a couple of facts: a) 3 months really means 3 months and a negative at 7 or even 12 weeks is moot. b) you CAN contract this virus through mutual masturbation where no blood was present by either participant.

Hard facts. But, I guess that's half the reason this site exists. Thanks for allowing me to share my tale, Doc.

Stay cool, T


Hello T,

Hard facts are fine, but unfortunately, your post is full of fantasy.

Fact: Mutual masturbation is not a mode of HIV transmission.

Fact: Thrush (and I'm still not convinced that's what you have) does not alter the time it takes for anti-HIV antibodies to develop.

Fact: Your HIV risk was essentially nonexistent. Your seven-week and 11-week ELISA tests are negative. Your three-month test will be negative as well.

T, I'm "staying cool," but apparently you are not. Irrational fear has caused you to make a quantum leap from fact to fantasy, despite the "hard facts" evidence.

When your three-month test comes back negative (which will be a surprise only to you), if you continue to have difficulty accepting your negative status, seek counseling.

I'm quite confident the next time you share your tale with us, your story will have a hard fact happy ending.

Dr. Bob