Group O infection?


Dear Doctor Pierone, thank you very much for your previous answer. It's me again, I was infected on august 2002(Cameroonian rare I've already told you); my ARS lasted very long (12 weeks). Because of the strain, doctors can just monitoring my sympthoms(unfortunately PCR etc do not work.).and testing my blood with lmphocyte count. On july 2003 (my last one)this was my count: CD4 1140; CD3 1760; CD4/CD8 ratio 2.2. So they said: "you are fine: actually do not need meds." But the problem is that I have several symphtoms: white tongue, dandruff on my SCalp and loosing hair; and the worst is a burning sensation on my skin (expecially on the back,on my nose and chin). My face is often red and I cannot bear the sunshine(why?): all my skin suffers under the sun and also if it is "touched" by my hair, they hurt my face!. Do you think I need to start therapy or these sympt. are not a too bad sign? And why these sympthoms with so high CD4 count? I am quite worried, anyway: i trust my doctors but, because of this unusaul strain (they never had a patient with this strain), do you think I will die sooner than the others whose strain is more known by doctors? Thanks again from Miss Sadness.

PS. Your previuos information has been very useful.


Miss Sadness, are you sure that you actually have HIV infection? The symptoms that you report are non-specific and may have nothing to do with HIV.

If HIV has been confirmed on ELISA and Western Blot there are some newly developed RNA tests - LCx HIV RNA Quantitative assay (Abbott Laboratories) and quantitative real-time PCR method based on LightCycler (LC) technology (Roche) that are quantitate group O virus.

The clinical course of group O virus depends on treatment and this virus does respond to antiretroviral medications (usually protease inhibitors based therapy).