What does the gram stain test for exactly?


Does the gram stain test only for gonorrhea or chlamydia or other sexually transmitted diseases? My result said "no organisms found,no pus cells,occasional squamous epithelial cells found? advice


The typical gram stain of a penile discharge will test just for gonorrhea. It does NOT test for chlamydia or syphilis or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Both chlamydia and syphilis are tested for by other tests. In the case of syphilis, a blood test, called RPR, is necessary. Diffferent institutions use slightly different assays to test for these infections. Two additional points-- 1) chlamydia is often hard to diagnosis so some health care providers just treat for it, if there is a suspicion of a chlamydia infection (I use the antibiotic Doxyclycline), and 2) many patients, who develop STDs, often pick up more than one STD at a time. Squamous epithelial cells are the normal cells lining the penis.