have i got a seriouse std


thank you for taking the time to read this and i do hope you can respond.

i am gay male of 3 and have been dating another male for the past 6 months,

recently i have had an infection that were flu like symtoms but worse, like a head cold that was also on my chest and a terribly persistant tickly cough, also alot of green mucas.

a week past and i secided that i better go to a doctor who perscribed me pencilin antibiotics. he pointed out that day that i was run down and directed my attention to my toung which was white.

i went home and the antibiotics worked but took there time and i was left with a prolonged cough which took its time again to dissapear.

i returned to the doctor 2 weeks later and he now told me that i had oral thrush, gave me medecine tablets and juice. after a 10 day course this did not work.

i am very scared what i might have caught from my partner, i have been tested twice this year already both negative but am confused, why am i now having all theses unexplained problems that i never had before, can you please help



You're a "gay male of 3 and have been dating another male for the past 6 months . . . ." Hmmmm And you're worried about HIV??? Dude, you're still in preschool. Does this mean you really weren't napping during nap time? Oh, never mind . . . .

Here's the scoop: if you've been having unsafe sex with your new boyfriend (no condom), then you've placed yourself at risk for STDs, including HIV, and will need to get an HIV test three months from your last potential exposure. That is the only way to determine if you contracted HIV. I cannot determine from your post when you had your two previous negative tests. If one or both were at least three months after your last potential exposure, then you would be HIV negative.

As for symptoms, it's important to note symptoms do not equal HIV disease. Your head and chest cold indeed sounds just like a head and chest cold! The oral thrush could have been caused by your use of antibiotics. If the medication you used didn't clear it up, you'll need to go back and see your doctor for additional evaluation and treatment.

The take-home message here is simple:

  1. Get HIV tested three months or more after your last potential exposure.

  2. Use latex condoms each and every time to prevent future worries.

  3. Read through the information on this site, at related links and in the archives, paying particular attention to safer sexual techniques and HIV prevention.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob