Good counts but too much herpes outbreaks


Hello there Mr. Holodniy, I would like to know your opinion about my case. I was diagnosed HIV+ in December 2005, not yet in HAART, VL and T-cells counts every 3 months since that, the higher VL at the moment was 2.000, the lower CD4 was about 600, relation CD4/CD8 not less than 40%, so called "viremic controller" by Harvard researchers. Sounds good but I oddly have frequent genital herpes outbreaks. Also the zoster type of herpes for two times with about six months apart of recurance time. All those outbreaks are mild to moderate and my body is able to fight properly and promptly recover. But the recurance is very frequent. What could explain this from an immune system overview? My labs pointed a good and efficient immune condition by the time, but that recurrent herpes outbreaks seem to point a different scenario. Is it a common situation? Any advice? Thank you very much.


You are asking a very important question. This indicates to me that you have lost some functionality of your immune system because of HIV infection, despite the seemingly good CD4 count and low viral load. If I had such a patient, I would recommend starting HIV treatment, or at the very least using acyclovir prophylaxis to prevent outbreaks.