I recently did some crystal meth by snorting and a few days later I ended up with a severe sore throat. I do know from some people that that a sore throat can happen depending on what it is cut with. I went to the doctor and he is suspecting that I have gonorrhea of the throat due to the fact that my strip throat test came back negative. I haven't had oral sex in about a month that I know of. How long does it take for gonorrhea of the throat to show? The had prescibed me Penicillin VK 500 mg. Would this cure the disease if in fact I do have gonorrhea of the throat? Thanks so much. James


Hello James,

You haven't had oral sex in about a month that you know of!?!?! Jim buddy, aren't penis popsicles something you would at least remember?

Now about this doctor you're seeing, if he suspects you have gonorrhea, he should test you for it. Also, if he thinks you have gonorrhea and wants to treat you for it, penicillin VK 500 mg is not the correct or recommended therapy! The correct treatment would be a shot of ceftriaxone (125 mg) or cefpodoxime orally.

I would make three suggestions:

  1. Find a more competent physician.

  2. Stop using crystal.

  3. Don't bother having sex unless it's going to be at least good enough to remember.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob