How gonorrhea / chlamydia discharges look like?


About one month ago, I had a erotic massage performed on me which involved direct genital contact (but no penetration). Since then, I am very scared about having contracted a STD.

Twice, after one week and after one month, I had two unusual discharges from my penis, just after urination (but no pain at all). They looked like sperm. Since I had nearly no sexual activity at all, my doctor told me that it was just sperm that had accumulated and was released during urination. Is it possible?

Recently, I had an inflammation on the lower side of my penis and on my testicles (red, itchy and a little burning). This has never happened to me before. My doctor told me that it was just an inflammation, not a STD, and gave me a pommade which seems to be efficient.

But I am still very troubled. I do not believe this can be a coincidence. Could it be gonorrhea, chlamydia or another STD? Also, what are my risks for HIV? (I just had a one-month HIV test, negative.)

I know this is difficult to diagnose "by computer", but could you give me a little help? Should I go to a labo and get tested despite the advice of my doctor? What STD should I test for?

Please answer, because I do not know who to turn to...


It would be unwise and unethical for me to guess what is going on with you, especially after you had visited and talked with your doctor. My instinct is to trust his/her opinion before mine.

In terms of your risk for HIV infection, please refer to Myths about mutual masturbation and Grinding....

For pictures of what STDs look like (warning, they're graphic!!!), see What do the Symptoms of STDs Look Like?.