I'm going to kill myself I can't take it anymore.


Dear Dr Bob I know one should convince themselves they are infected based on symptoms but reading in this forum my symtoms are too consistent with ARS.I got a big wet peck on the lips from a girl who is known to have unprotected sex and I'm scared I may have got infected because I have bleeding gums.You say you can't get hiv through kissing unless you take in large amounts of blood like dracula,is that acurate or is a small amount of blood from her enough to infect me? I don't know if she had small amount of blood in her mouth and I sucked my lips dry after she kissed me.Could a small amount of blood got into my gum ulcers? Would the risk be higher if we french kissed for a few seconds? three weeks after this I got itchy hands,Three weeks after that I got soar throat and back of the neck pain which in my opinion is very consistant with ARS.What do you think?please help me I'm so depressed I'm ruining my life with my wife.



You're going to kill yourself, because you "got a big wet peck on the lips from a girl who is known to have unprotected sex . . . ." Hmm. I generally delete all questions from anxious wrecks threatening hari-kari over minimal or, more often, nonexistent exposures.

I'll be brief:

  1. Your HIV risk is nonexistent.

  2. Your "symptoms" are not suggestive of or worrisome for HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS), despite the fact "in your opinion" they are "very consistent with HIV."

  3. I agree. You are "so depressed" and don't doubt you are ruining your life. I'd suggest you seek psychotherapy (counseling). Your problem is psychological, not virological. Yep, it's all in your head!

Dr. Bob