GNC mega men dietary supplement


I have been poz since 12/01, and started on medications one year ago (Viread, Epivir and Sustiva). So far so good. I have started going to the gym 3x's a week, and do modern dance 3x's a week. I am quite slender yet toned @5'7",125lbs, and so I am looking for just a healthy multi-vitamin, protein daily intake to keep me at my best (yet I do not want to loose weight and my fat % is very healthy). what do you recomend? what do you know of GNC Mega Men Dietary Supplement: the premium multiple Vitamin and mineral supplement with Lycopene and lutein?


To be honest with you, I know nothing about GNC's products. I never buy anything there. Their prices are too high. I buy all my supplements from HIV Buyers Clubs like the

I personally take Super Nutrition's easy swallow packs because it covers most of my needs.

I am glad you are doing well and keeping acive!