Giving Oral sex with condom, Safe?


Dear doctor, I've known this guy for quite some time and we've started dating.. however we do not share much about our sexperiences and Im unclear of how 'clean' he is, although he seems responsible enuff as a married man (ironic? I know).

He isnt into penetrative sex (as I think he clearly doesnt wan to put his wife at any risk) but has recently asked for hugs and intimacy in the form of oralsex.. I rejected as Im doubtful about the risks thru' giving head.

Tried reading up on suggestions and possible risk factors and have decided to try: using flavoured condoms or unlube ones..

Q1) What are my chances of contracting any form of diseases including HIV, if I were to perform oral sex on him with a unlube condom on?

Q2)Will applying honey (be if natural or processed) on the unlube condom during oral sex add on any risks?

Q3)Any preventive measures I can take before perfoming oral sex? I understand that not brushing your teeth prior to the sexual act is one way to prevent wounds.. but erhm any other methods?

Thx doc..


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