Ghana: Society of Women Against AIDS Promotes Use of Female Condoms

This article was reported by GhanaWeb.

GhanaWeb reported that Ghana's Society of Women Against AIDS (SWAA), together with the Ghana AIDS Commission and the Ghana Health Service, have begun a year-long campaign to promote the use of female condoms. According to Mrs. Aku Xornam Kevi, national coordinator of SWAA, the organization planned intensive education programs, including teaching women how to wear the condoms and encouraging men to allow their partners to use them. So far, the organizations have presented the campaign at various Accra markets and have distributed approximately 10,000 female condoms to both men and women. Kevi noted that the new female condoms -- FC and FC2 -- are more secure and protective. She explained that the female condom is the only safe and effective female-initiated method of prevention and it provided protection against pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Kevi emphasized that the female condom empowered women in matters related to their sexuality.