Getting Pregnant With Partner Off Meds?


I am a lady aged 37 and my husband is living with hiv since 2000 and I am negative. He is on medication but because of his job he sometimes default for months. Like now his cards are showing he last took meds in Feb and we are in Aug. I have read a lot about how we can be able to have kids in this situation. How really possible is it and what are my chances of being infected in the process.


Thank you so much for reaching out. It is now completely feasible for a serodiscordant couple (where one is HIV+ and one is HIV negative) to safely conceive a child. Let's review how that's possible:

  1. If and when your partner resumes his HIV treatment medications, he is likely to obtain an undetectable viral load. Research has now shown us that when a person living with HIV has an undetectable for six months or longer they are unable to transmit HIV to another person.
    It sounds like your husband has been struggling to stay on his meds for financial reasons. If that is the case he may qualify for assistance through the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). This is a program in the U.S. that provides HIV medications to people who cannot afford them. I'm sure his doctor is familiar with this program and can help him explore this option.

  2. For yourself, Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can be a way to conceive naturally with an HIV+ partner. Daily use of PrEP reduces your chance of acquiring HIV by about 99%, and has been used by HIV negative women around the world to have families with HIV+ husbands or partners. There are numerous ways to get PrEP paid for with or without insurance.

You can learn a lot more about PrEP on this page.

I truly hope your husband is able to get back on his meds very soon, and the two of you have the family and future you want and deserve.