My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. I thought he was faithful, but about a month ago we noticed 2 warts on his penis. Now I have one. How could he have gotten them? Is there treatment? How can we make sure we don't get more?


Genital warts are an STD, but I can't tell you where he got them. It os possible that he had them before he started seeing you and they happened to recur at this time. (Warts can do that). There are a number of ways to treat warts; the one I find most useful especially when the warts are small is a topical prescription edicine called imiquimod (Aldara). However, there is no guarantee that the warts will not recur. Make sure you have a Pap smear every year without fail as some strains of warts can predispose to cervical abnormalities and, eventually in some women, to cervical cancer. You can try using condoms as well, but the penis and vagina are not the only parts that come into contact during intercourse and other genital areas can also have the wart virus.