Get More From Your Medical Care: Seven Resources Show You How

Get More from Your Medical Care: Seven Resources Show You How

How can you fit medical regular appointments into your life -- and get more out of them?

The seven resources below can help you understand how doctors think, boost communication with your medical provider (or find a new one), and keep up with regular appointments. (Tip: Book your provider's first appointment of the day. You'll be less likely to spend precious time in a packed waiting room as delays pile up.)

Wherever you go for your medical care, there's something for you in this resource round-up.

Resources for Your Health

Tips and Tools for Keeping Up With Medical Appointments: Whether you're new to HIV treatment or have decades of experience, keeping up with medical visits is a vital part of taking care of yourself. Here's how to make it easier.

Better Patient-Provider Relationships Linked with Fewer Missed Appointments: Recent research agrees with many people's personal experience: Keeping up with medical visits is easier when you feel heard and respected by your provider.

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