How do I get my doc to prescribe Serostim?


My pharmacy plan covers serostim. My old doctor prescribed it for me but my new one will not. Its not an option to go back to my old doctor for a variety of reasons---mostly distance and different health coverage. How can i pursuade him to write me a script for it? I am looking like a skinny legged pregnant person! I want some of my muscle back---not that i had a ton to begin with but i looked 400% better than i do now.


The art of persuasion is based on 2 facets logic and emotion.

First, make the argument based on the rationale you have outlined as follows: I had some muscles, got none now, the medications contributed to this problem, serostim worked for me, so let's do it again.

The emotional part is based on likability if your doctor views you in a favorable light he will be more likely to accede to your request. No one really talks much about this aspect of the doctor-patient relationship, but it is so important. Every doctor is different, so there are no hard and fast rules to define your likability quotient for any one doctor. The drug companies probably have weeklong courses on how to get their drug reps to bond with doctors so that they can persuade them to prescribe more of their brand medication, so take a lesson from their playbook.

Let's get back to Serostim (a brand of growth hormone). Since your doctor is not willing to prescribe it, he much have an objection to something about the appropriateness of this medication for you. Find out why he doesn't want to prescribe it. Ask him. Could it be that he is offended by the high price of this medication? Has he seen side effects in other patients? Does he not know enough about it and has heard that it is somehow bad? Is there some alternative he likes to use first to promote muscle? Does he himself look like a skinny-legged pregnant person, and thinks this is just fine? One you know what his objection is, you may be able to address it and get him to agree.

I hope this information helps and best of luck!